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We Use Worldclass Methodology and Flow

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About Fred Rhodes & CO

How it all began

FRED RHODES & CO. is a Houston- based independent insurance agency established in the early 1900’s. We have clients who have been with our agency for four generations because of our philosophy that puts the customers’ needs first. Our experienced insurance agents provide creative and cost-effective solutions that are customized to meet each client’s unique insurance needs.

Our agency offers an extensive list of (A) rated insurance companies and products for virtually any industry. If you are looking for a full-service insurance agency to handle your business and personal insurance solutions, Fred Rhodes & Co. is your answer.

Why Clients Choose Us

Effective Risk Management Solutions through Collaborative Communication

Partnering with our customers since the early 1900's

3rd & 4th Generation Customers

We become our customers Risk Management Department


What Our Clients Say About Us

We switched to them 2 years ago and the service has been so amazing! I own 3 companies and had been using my friend who was an agent for the previous 23 years. I had no idea how a professional agency is supposed to work. Everything you ask for is handled immediately and all with a smile. Not to mention, they are always trying to get you the very best value.
I was so pleasantly surprised that you actually have the insurance certificate ready tonight after calling you asking for it at 6:00 PM this evening. What an impressive effort! This is one of the best customer services that I have experienced!
Our needs change rapidly and Grant is always there to service our needs immediately. From COI’s that need to be mailed to our clients asap, to additional equipment or vehicle coverage, Grant answers immediately and acquires/sends to us or our clients whatever the request is. Grant answers all of my questions (which I have a lot of) and has become a friendly face every time he comes by. I get a lot of calls to bid on our commercial insurance throughout the year but I don’t even hesitate to turn them down because I know I would not get the service and availability from any other firm. I would highly recommend Fred Rhodes & Company for all your insurance needs.

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